Results Retriever Working Test 19th March 2017

Below are the results of the Retriever Working test on the 19th March 2017 for both Open and Novice.

A big thank you to all those that took part and a special thank you to all the volunteers and helpers.


Competitor NumberCompetitor NameRESULTTOTALTEST 1TEST 2TEST 3TEST 4
1Paul AlabasterCOM6720101720
2Martyn EvansCOM6820131916
3Paul Alabaster451418013
4Sarah Flemming371410013
5Mark Giles622018159
6Mark Skiller6520161415
7Terry Dowman1001000
8Karen Pinker521381516
9Vivennne Gatter571581717
10Chrissie Thomas501901318
11Lynn Boden35170018
12Tony Orchard29170012
13Paul GreenCOM6918162015
14John Jeffries5920101712
15Ellena Nunneley6018121911
16Chris Marchant3 RD7220182014
17Pam Marchant6020121810
18Morton Redpath1 ST7620162020
19Caroline JonesCOM6820181713
20Ann Turner0xxxx
21Jean FisherCOM6720161318
22Nick Swan2 ND7319162018
23Victoria Phelps1201200
24David Thomas4 TH7219202013
25Janice Miller6020141610
26David Miller642019178


Competitor NumberCompetitor NameRESULTTOTALTEST 1TEST 2TEST 3TEST 4
1Viivienne Gatter311701419
2Roger Colver542018160
3Carolyn Jenkins60060
4Roger Colver2 ND6920181516
5Carolyn Jenkins501401620
6Paul Green4TH662018199
7Alan ReesCOM6314161815
8Nicky Waddington441401812
9Simon Pullen521901617
10Susan Corden37200170
11Ellena Nunneley471701713
12Annette SwhearmanCOM5517101513
13Morton Redpath521901914
14Julia Redpath491812019
15Anne Williams27130140
16Wendy Glue3 RD6620161713
17Robert Fisher0
18Wendy Glue582020180
19Jean Fisher28014014
20Salley Morewood501801913
21Haydn Willmott1 ST7320142019
22Salley Morewood38002018