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HPR Results for All Age Trial 18th November 2016

Thanks to Norman & Sandra Ones with judges Alan Hender & Larry Wilks (Full report to follow)

A great days was had with super weather and company, hunting over root crops on grey leg partridges with great shooting by the guns, with 3 awards at end of the day.

                          1st…No award..

                          2nd.. Hawkwise Iduna Brittany Fiona Wensely.

                          3rd.. Ekkolander Tullibardine   Large Munsterlander Karen Saynor.

                          4th…No award.

                          C.of.M. Zelendvour Geln Esk.  German Shorthaired Pointer  Paul Whitaker.

HPR Novice Stake Report 14th October 2016

Report – HPR Fun Day 29th August 2015

On Saturday August 29th over 30 Handlers & Dogs attended the WGDS HPR Fun Day’ held at Pound Farm. Dymock. by kind permission and support of Glyn & Angela Miles.

WGDS HPR group members were judges:

Puppy: Roger Meadows

Novice Darren Layton

Open Peter Szalai

Water Karen Layton, and helped from others like Angela Miles & Anita Davies with admin plus Fiona Wensley who had set the test for the day, plus other members acting as stewards or dummy throwers, helped make a successful day on super ground and weather as well.

Most handlers entered on the day who came so we just wanted to have the dogs pet name with or without with handler.


1st Matt Smith&Lionel L.M [95 pts]
2nd Petename  Garaway Myrtle GWP [91]
3rd Bill Pearson Bonnie KG [89]
4th James Beattie Hendrix HV [89].. = lost on hunting]

1st Joseph Jones  GWP [92]
2nd Sue Hanson Darcie KG [91]
3rd Richard England HV [91] lost on hunting
4th Matt Smith Lionel LM [80]

1st Julie Fowler GSP [95]
2nd Ian Jones GWP [94]
3rd Libby Mellor GSP [93]
4th Fiona Wensley BRIT [92]

* On the day Dug [springer spaniel owned by Anita Davies] was honorary HPR for the day! and ran in open and attained a score of 88.5!

The money raised on the day amounted to £316.. of which a donation as named by Angela MIles of £150 went to Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association [Hazel Drew] Rescue. While the remaining £166 goes to WGDS HPR Group.

Amazing amount raised helped by entries/raffle/cake stall/scurry but with a difference!1 with both Handler&Dog being Human so a lot of fun & banter over this watched by many.

Ray Davies. F.T.Secretary HPR WGDS.


Report – HPR Training Day 6th September 2015

W.G.D.S. & B.W.W.G.S



Manor farm Shoot. Hill Croome, Upton-on-Severn.

By kind permission of Tony&Alison Spiers.

Trainers for the day.

Mark Spearing BWWGS.     Dave Buggins WGDS.

Fiona Wensley WGDS&BWWGS. Ray Davies WGDS&BWWGS.

The day was blessed with fantastic weather of blue skies and sunny warm day with a little varied winds during the day, as the 17 dogs were divided into three groups, with variety of breeds on the day, being Brittany,Italian Spinone,large Munsterlander, H.Vizsla, H.Wirehaired Vizsla. Kortla Giffon, GSP, GWP, Weimaraner.

The day started at 10.00am and ran until lunch at 12.30pm with each group training with each trainer during the day so after just over the hour would swoop around so having a broad giving of experience and knowledge from the trainers on the day, so all handlers went home with homework and pleasing faces having had a great day.

The ground that was used ranged from large expanses of different stubble fields, hedgerows, gateways and large rough ground areas to stimulate hunting liken a walk up day or trial.   Great banter over the day helped with the lunch provided by organisers and welcoming atmosphere, should that the handlers coming from wide areas of the uk, from Hampshire, surrey. South &Mid Wales and closer to home of surrounding counties a well worth day.

So the money raised was £320, dived between the two societies, that other days will be arranged in the future with  request from those attending.

So by 3.00pm all handlers and dog were ready for home..  Ray Davies, F.T,Sec

Stick Figures on podium

Results – HPR Open 20th June 2015

1  Hunterstone Uno  (HV  Bitch)Mr. T.a. Mattravers W/D
2  Warrendown Little Indy  (GSP  Dog)Mr A Farley W/D
4  Katelands Caliornia Girl  (WEI  Bitch)Mrs Sonia Sloan 63 C.of.M.
5  Stubblemere Gutherie  (GSP  Bitch)Miss F Fillingham W/D
6  Madcap Purple Finch  (GSP  Dog)Mr. Ray Fairbrother 43
7  Madcap Mocking Bird  (GSP  Dog)Mr Steve Crane 35
8  Madcap Soul Survivor  (GSP  Bitch)Mr Fred Alcock 71 4th
9  Warrendown Flash of Atilla  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs E Carter W/D
10  Iron Albion Xenon Burst  (GSP  Bitch)Ms Dionne Jenkins 63 C.of.M.
11  Warrendown Angel  (GSP  Bitch)J Carter W/D
12  Arany's Fara  (GLP  Bitch)Mr. M.k.j. & Mrs S Palmer 40
13  Harrigoss Fenice  (HWV  Bitch)Mrs P J Williams 64 C.of.M.
14  Blythebeck Elixir  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs E Carter W/D
15  Madcap Red Cardinal  (GSP  Dog)Mr Fred Alcock 73 3rd
16  Moricroft My Choice  (HWV  Bitch)Michael & Hazel Mj&hr Caine
17  Hunterstone Artemis  (HV  Bitch)Mrs. S.e. Mattravers W/D
18  Feriiia Filiberto  (IS  Dog)Mrs I Moyser W/D
19Huwlindragon Fly (GSP Bitch)Mr S Kirby 69.5 C.of.M.
20Hunterstone Nimrod (HV Dog)Mr S Kirby 40
21Vizellven Ocean Zanta (HV….)Mr Mark Jones 86 1st
22Deepthatch Pucona (GSP Bitch)Mr J Field 61
Stick Figures on podium

Results – HPR Novice 20th June 2015

1  Firefrost Topaze  (HWV  Bitch)Mrs P J Williams 72
2  Vadaszfai Kapos  (HV  Bitch)Mrs J Hobbs 57
3  Castlegarnstone Coranbong  (GWP  Dog)Mr Shaun Moor 89.5 1st
4  Everswell Gwendoline [ar3]  (GSP  Bitch)Mr C Pilkington 87 3rd
6  Solentview Show Gun Girl of Arbourtrees  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs Claire Hardcastle 61
7  SH CH Kacela Sweet Kanzi  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs. Beverlyey Rumney 65
8  SH CH Brockchime Snowdrop of Chontelle Jw  (LM  Bitch)Trev Raggett 82.5 C.of.M.
9  Roclaire Donna Marchesa  (KG  Bitch)Mrs. Susan Hanson 62
10  Hawkwise Inayah Over Gefni  (BRIT  Bitch)Mr M A Cooke 75
11  Klancraig Make Mine a Double  (GWP  Dog)Mr I Sadler 73
12  Bareve Brakvallei  (GWP  Bitch)Mr Adam Tarbet 68.5
13  Arany's Fara  (GLP  Bitch)Mr. M.k.j. & Mrs S Palmer
14  Grandahay Lord Tanzanite  (WEI  Dog)Mrs A Rayner-lovejoy W/D
15  Stubblemere Gutherie  (GSP  Bitch)Miss F Fillingham W/D
16  Prettypoints Filip  (HV  Dog)Mr. A.i. Beddoe 75
17  Rotherflake Ostoros  (HWV  Dog)Ms Claire Jones 78 C.of.M.
18  Enryb Midsummer Party at Pothouse  (WEI  Bitch)Mr R & Miss A Brown & Burns 42
19  Malpoint Peregrinus  (HWV  Dog)Mr Alun Lerwill 75
20  SH CH INT SH CH Klancraig Artemis  (GWP  Bitch)Mr Pgw Craig 71.5
21  Kewpond Fleckle Whispa  (GWP  Bitch)Mrs Susie Zarpanelly 87 4th
22  SH CH Paddockridge Rulander  (LM  Dog)Mr M Smith 67.5
23  Swifthouse Hambledon  (GSP  Dog)Ms Jennifer Hurley 87.5 2nd
24  Barleydust Aiken  (HV  Dog)Mr. John Lloyd 67
25  Zsolnay Algoma  (HV  Bitch)Ms Ellie Caughlin 66
26  Fensut Tess  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs J Lakin 65
27  Warmden  (HV  Dog)Mr Richard England 78 C.of.M.
28  Warrendown Flare  (GSP  Bitch)Ms Emma Carter W/D
29  Seasham Dancing Queen  (GSP  Bitch)Ms Helen Hopkins 70
30  Klancraig Making a Komeback  (GWP  Bitch)Mr Pgw Craig 70
31Kenine Derring Do (GWP Bitch) Mr Ian Jones 76
32Gamesika Islay Avec Tuileries (HV Bitch) Ms Emma Wilson 47
33Vizellven Ocean y’ Ask (HV Bitch) Ms Emma Wilson 58
No. 5 Withdrawn
Stick Figures on podium

Results – HPR Puppy 20th June 2015

1  Arbourtrees Elm View  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs C Hardcastle 86 C.of.M.
2  Watereatons Brie  (KG  Bitch)Mrs. Lindsey Thurlow 76
3  Finnoogric Evergreen  (HV  Bitch)Mr Mel Crook. 72
4  Kimmax Just Kidding  (GWP  Dog)Mr L Birch 96 1st
5  Seasham Dancing Queen  (GSP  Bitch)Mrs Helen Hopkins 93 4th
6  Ismeya Saint Victoria  (HV  Bitch)Mr Mike Messenger 79 C.of.M.
7  Zoldmali Hera  (HWV  Bitch)Mrs P J Williams W/D
8  Madreliath Escavatore  (BRACCO  Dog)Miss M Ansell And Mr R Wain 52
9  Prettypoint Neci  (HV  Dog)Mr James Beattie 93 3rd
10  Crumpsbrook Bayleaf Von Rulander  (LM  Dog)Mr.mat Smith 87 C.of.M.
11  King Saul Karath  (HV  Dog)Mr Richard England 79 C.of.M.
12  Meinweg Christmas Fuddle  (WEI  Bitch)Mrs M Holt W/D
14  Pixbrook Joyrider at Sanbosier  (BRIT  Bitch)Mr And Mrs M Stevens 42
15  Ismeya Saint Alfred  (HV  Dog)Ms Kate Bruce 67.5
16  Gonegos Mr Farmer at Enryb  (HWV  Dog)Mrs J Byrne 43
17  Everswell Gwendoline [ar3]  (GSP  Bitch)Mr. Christopher Pilkington 94 2nd.
18Ismeya Saint Beatrix (HV Bitch) Mr Mark Jones W/D
19Seehof Juliette at SwifthouseMrs M Simmons 73
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A.V. HPR ‘All Aged’ Field Trial 1st November 2014 Results

HPR section held their last field trial in November on the 1st under blue skies and sunshine so able to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Shropshire.
With judges of Jennifer Hurley and Mark Spearing plus guns of Steve Smith,John Parkes, Richard Price and Ray Davies plus the picking up team of Sue parkes, we had 6 awards on the day so a great result for the hpr’s and the society.
1st    Peersofdale Highlander gsp Jayne Herbert.
2nd  Sigourney Zammer Moos gsp  Ivan Martin.
3rd   Quintana Quixotic       gsp   Maureen Nixon.
4th   Sanjon Chico               gsp   Jon Roberts.
C.of. M Huwlindragon Fly     gsp.  Simon Kirby & Sanjon Crystal   gsp   Tim Bennett.
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A.V Novice HPR Field Trial 20th October 2014 Results

The Worcestershire gun dog society novice field trial at flitwick shoot 20,10,14
by kind permission of mr kevin harradin & mr mark gittins,

Weather conditions-12 degrees, light cloud,good breeze.
Type of ground-Hedge lines,ditches, woodland,white grass.
Water- Running river.


1st place, Sanjon crystal , GSP , T Bennett
This dogs 1st run was on open ground in white grass with low dock leaf cover into a head wind,
The dog hunted with a fast pace flat to the wind covering all of its beat, to the left of the dogs beat was a hedge line with a deep water filled ditch brambles and bracken the dog entered the covers and quickly indicated game then coming onto a staunch point, the dog on command and from distance produced a hen pheasant and was very steady to flush and shot, The dog was cast off again and quickly took scent pulling in towards a pile of fallen branches and was very steady to a Chinese water dear that jumped in front of the dog.

2nd run was in a large white grass plantation on a back wind,
The dog again worked with a fast pace and style covering the ground on a back wind with ease , Indicated and worked a moving bird to the edge of a maize cover crop where the dog held the bird on point but lifted as we moved forward again steady to flush, The dog then hunted on through a young plantation on a cheek wind and at pace quickly came onto a very stylish point and from distance and on command produced a cock bird was very steady to flush and shot unfortunately the bird was missed but the shot produced a hen bird some 40 yards up the plantation which was shot and fell over a deep water filled ditch into woodland, The dog had to swim across and handled well to the bird which was around 30 yards into the woodland the bird came back to hand making it a very nice retrieve , Water was good.

2nd place Firefront enchantress , HWV, H drew,
This dogs first run was along a double hedge line ditch with a white grass field to the left on a cheek wind, The dog hunted with a good pace quartering the open ground flat to the wind entering the bramble ditch line freely , With a change of direction the dog was cast off and quickly came onto a very staunch point in the white grass and on command with 2 prompts produced a hen pheasant from under its nose and was steady to flush shot and fall the dog was sent got to the point of fall and took a line for 10 yards pushed under the white grass and picked the live hen and retrieved to hand.

2nd run
This dogs 2nd run was in long white and marsh grass again the dog hunted a head wind with good pace covering all of its given beat quickly taking scent and coming onto point along the side of a fenced pond as the gun moved in the bird moved the dog quickly relocated the bird and came on point on a large bramble hedge on moving forward the bird produced itself the dog was steady.
Water was good.

3rd place Sanjon chico , GSP, J Roberts
This dogs 1st run was at the end of a dense bramble and bracken woodland on a cheek wind,
The dog hunted the brambles with a fast pace pushing through the brambles wherever it took scent and was very steady to a Chinese water dear that jumped in front of the dog , A pheasant produced itself out side of the wood and the dog sat to shot, On leaving the wood the dog hunted a double hedge line ditch on a cheek wind the dog quickly came onto point and produced on command a hen pheasant that ran down the ditch the dog was steady in the brambles and quickly indicated more game was asked to push the dog forward through the brambles and produced 2 hen and 1 cock pheasant again steady to flush and shot.

2nd run
This dogs 2nd run was in a marshland plantation into the wind again hunted with good pace quickly coming onto point in marsh grass along side a water filled ditch produced on command a pair of cock birds and was steady to flush shot and fall the dog marked the 30 yard retrieve and came to hand, This dog also gained the guns award,
Water was good

4th place Fechlindream don, KG, J Hudson
1st run
This dogs first run was down a hedge line on a back wind the dog ran with pace checking all available covers turning right along a white grass ditch still with good pace checking for game,
2nd run

This dogs 2nd run was up the side of a double bramble hedge ditch on a cheek wind , The dog was cast of and immediately from 60 yards up the hedge line a hen pheasant produced itself and was shot around 60 yards out into a grass field the dog sat to shot and fall and marked the bird well which came to hand, The dog cast off again quickly came onto point and on command produced from brambles a hen pheasant the dog was steady to flush shot and fall again falling into the grass field the dog made a 20 yard retrieve to hand.
Water was good.

Fiona and I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge we enjoyed judging together very much , We would also like to say a big thank you kevin and mark our hosts who stayed with us all day, And to the guns for sponsoring the day and shooting so well “Well done Allan” Also to ray davis our steward for keeping the day running smoothly , We wish you all the very best of luck for future trials,
Very kind regards Fiona Wensley & Paul Macdonald

Darren Layton

Darren can be contacted on: 01684 275612 or 07852171838

In 2009 I didn’t have a whistle, any green clothes and I had never considered getting a gun: however, we did have a 1 year old Hungarian Vizla who we had called Harriet, she was our pet dog. I thought I would take her to some gundog lessons and joined the WGDS. Ray Davies organised the training and showed us how the versatile gundog works in the field. My little pet dog was a natural hunter and both of us loved it – we were hooked. Making friends with local land owners and with the generosity of my boss I had access to land and the opportunity of rough shooting, so 6 months later I had a gun, green clothes and a new hobby.

I work in Evesham supplying packaging to fruit and vegetable farmers and produce packers. When not working I race and teach sailing. My home club is in Earlswood, Solihull, although I race all around the country.

As well as rough shooting, Harriet and I have had success at working tests and lots of prizes have been won on scurries. I was co-opted onto the committee in 2013 and hope to give the perspective from the view of a pet dog/gundog owner.